Friday, August 17, 2012

Mickey's #1 Man

For his first Birthday he was surrounded by the man in black.  NO ~ not Johnny Cash...MICKEY MOUSE!!  This birthday was all about a little man and his mouse!

First, we wanted an invitation that "spoke" to even the youngest guest.
What's better than looking into Mickey's eyes while he asks you to "be his guest?"

The inside reads:

Meeska, Mooksa,
Mickey Mouse!
Magician, Food,
and Bouncy House!
We're having a party that's sure to be FUN,
Marcus Dane is turning ONE!

Then...........we had to decorate!!

We decided we wanted a banner (of course...)

...and it was his 1st.

Pretty darn cute if I say so myself!  

But then she wanted a banner of his monthly photos.  So we started with his first day photo!

And added a spot for each month.

So I bet you're wondering how we strung them up?  We hot glued spring clothes pins to the backs!
We actually doubled them with opposing openings for the numbers.  That way we clipped the photo to the number and the number to the twine.  Then they could be moved and rearranged for space more easily.

More treat boxes (below) with little goodies.

Then "popcorn" boxes for more treats during the party.

Gross grain ribbon for the handles...

Mickey EARS!!

Instead of the Mickey face on the "Clubhouse" hat..."Thanks for joining the fun! Toodles, Marc"

We wrapped plastic ware in napkins and made napkin rings with Mickey icons on the front.  Hands/gloves were added to the buckets....CUTE.

Styrofoam balls pushed onto popsicle sticks then pushed onto a larger styrofoam ball and a half (a little hot glue to make them stay in place) then spray painted black.

I used pipe cleaners and twisted them around a few balloons and stuck those in and around the base.  I did use just some craft glue to secure those ends in the base.

And how can any guy NOT dress up for his own party? 

Then after all the fun and games was over we had to have a "Thank You" everyone would remember.  Each child had their photo taken at the party of course.  What better way to remember and reflect for years to come?


  1. OMGosh this is the cutest thing ever! All the way down to the onesie and how clever and perfect is the banner with the photos!!!