Friday, August 17, 2012

49 and HOLDING!!

Next year my husband and I will both turn 50!  Yes....the BIG 5-0hhhhhhh!  That being said we have been steadily attending 50th Birthday Bashes over the last three years.  We're pretty lucky I'd guess to have them to attend.  I love a party..can't get enough of them but a traditional 50th would just not do for my intuitively suspicious husband.  So 49 and HOLDING was born!
These were the invitations, thanks to my wonderful friend of .

v In Bill’s honor: if you have a tie dye shirt break it out and wear it for this event.  If you don’t, I understand – we won’t throw you out.  Not everyone has been channeling their inner hippie like he has the last few years.

Then I asked everyone.... As everyone waited for him to arrive we had these that I made from full label sticker sheets and adhered to poster board, cut, stuck, and glued paint sticks to the backs.  What a site to come into....SURPRISE

  A few of his favorite things are family, working on cars, NASCAR (Jeff Gordon,) and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  So I snuck a few photos (notice they are all motor related) and had posters made through Wal-Mart.  They did an amazing job.

 His pap started it...

...Santa kept it coming...

...Bill and his wife when they were dating in college...

...their daughter Sarah...

I went to eBay and found a few collectible inflatable #24 cars that had been used in various store displays and for special events.
I ordered Steelers banner I was sure he would enjoy to hang between the Steelers cornhole boards that my talented brother and sister in law made.

When we were growing up there was a dairy farm the next town over.  It belonged to the Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.  It produced all of their milk products used at the academy.  Every year they had a Community Day where we could visit and get samples of their milk, cheese, and ice cream.  I thought that would be a great staple and blast from the past for centerpieces. Here is what an original looked like.

THIS is what we created....

Then added our own twist......

I filled them with "our generation" candies.

I have another amazing friend who makes custom cakes and cupcakes.  I asked if she could bake a tie dye cake....

...and we needed a cake top.

Got a li'l Capt'n in ya?"

Everyone had a great time!  This is my husband, his daughter, and my son!

P.S. Yes, I ordered his shirt (football numbers 63 on the back) and the cups say "Raise it up! 49 and Holding! Happy Birthday Bill!"

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