Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow Friends

I attended a craft show and picked up a few little things for gifts for two boys that I don't get to see often but will have time with them this Christmas!  Hooray for kids!! BIG, small, love them all!  SO - one of my coworkers is a digital wizard and found this adorable face to print onto cardstock that would wrap around popcorn bags.  Actually she made over 50 for her daughters' classmates.  I cut hats from one of the snow men accessories from Paper Doll Dress Up. 

The ingredients:

 The result:

I was so excited when I saw how cute these came out I thought I would do the same but instead of the paper hat (I only have two boys to do this for) I'd find the magic gloves that "fit most" instead.  They always look so cute!  And I would just wrap the crayons and gift card into a small pack and wrap THAT with this....then...I remembered that the Easter cart has a pillow pack cut!

So a Cricut, a (Cuttle) Bug, some Pig<ment> markers, buttons and bows:

The cardstock is a pearl white and the flash kept shining off the paper so I did take another photo without the flash so that the faces and embossing could be seen a little easier.

Just an FYI - these were cut at 8 1/2".

Happy Snow Days ahead!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Altered Jersey

My in-laws love the Washington Nationals baseball team.  Their favorite player is Ivan Rodriguez, affectionately nicknamed "Pudge."  They are even planning a trip to Florida this spring to watch a pre-season game knowing that he may not be playing for Washington next year but hopeful to see him while at another team.  Last Christmas my mother in law recieved a jersey from us...this year it is my father in law...however nicknames cannot be put on jerseys.  Ha! I say!  Looky here!
The back before "alterations."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wine Bottles - Share the Love

So Pinterest has been this amazing inspiration in cleaning out my hoards of craft "junque" that I keep because I'm sure there is SOMETHING I can do with what I cannot throw away.  You know, that perfectly good thing that doesn't do the job but can surely become famous for it's own.....(lose you yet?)  Ok so here is my playing with a bottle cutter and then etching cream.

Then there is Looking Glass...ah...the Looking Glass...FUN FUN FUN!!

The rings around the necks are pieces from an indoor garland that I had thought last year I was going to make Christmas napkin rings for my dinner table and then found something different.  So a snip and a curl and they are cute little embellishements for the bottles.