Thursday, April 14, 2011

Starbucks Travel Mug Insert

Probably not the best motto for a travel mug...but she just looks so sassy!

Pixie Dust

One of my good friends loves Tinkerbell.  The inside of her car is totally "dressed" with the little pixie.  I had to give her something no one else would have....this is now on the side of her car just behind the front fender.

A Thank You

A movie/dvd of photos taken and contributed for everyone to share.  A friend of mine does amazing digital work and made the movie labels for me.
This was the original photo:

Eat, Drink, and Be Married

This was our wedding theme.  I used vinyl on tubs I found on clearance at Bed, Bath, and Beyond at the end of the summer.  We used them for various jobs at the reception.

The same design and vinyl was used to resize and apply to foam huggies.

More vinyl + etching cream + time =

Bill and Lisa
October 9, 2010

A little bit of white gulf Sanibel sand....
Viola' !

Wine charms the colors of the tablecloths.  Each table was a different tropical color.

Wine charm on glasses at the tables.

These were made from shrink material.  The tags were cut at 3" then written on with silver calligraphy marker and shrunk.

I used beading thread to string a few little plastc and glass beads.  On the bamboo ends of parasols (from Oriental Trading) I screwed in small eye hooks.  I tied these through the eyes and then sealed the knots with clear nail polish.

Every lady had one for the beach sun.

Probably the most memorable activity was taking your photo in front of the painted backdrop.  I drew on then painted in the two palm trees and included plenty of leis, coconut bras, and even grass skirts.  Some just were happy to smile for the camera.    My beautiful step-daughter and her grandmother.  Then there were others....
My husband (center) and his two best college buddies entertaining the masses. 
A good time was had by all!

An Invitation to Paradise

I wanted the invitations to inspire fun.  All of the pictures used on the invite I took while on previous trips to Sanibel Island.

There have been many different names for what this fold/album is called.  For me it was a "squash book."  The ribbon came from Michaels.  It had been in their dollar bin.  What a deal!

The written sections and the center photo were the same on every invitation but the rest of them were random for the photos and embellishments.  A LOT of Life's A Beach.  My favorite cart!

For any of the writing I printed on vellum and then cut it to fit what I wanted to "cover."  I ran it though my Xyron and then applied it to the cardstock squares.  It was much less expensive than purchasing adhesive backed vellum. 

One of the full invitations before adhering it the book ends. 

The R.S.V.P.s  The cards were actually purchased already colored with matching envelopes (Michaels again)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life's a Beach....

....then you get married on one.

This was the "Save the Date" treasure map I made to send out a year before the wedding.  We were married on Sanibel Island, Florida on the beach of the Gulf of Mexico.  I didn't have the 50 States cartridge, I drew the coastal states that our families would be driving/flying through starting in Maryland.  I found cuts that I thought would signify landmarks on a map representing each state as well as the ocean and the island off Florida.  We sent these through the mail using a message in a bottle kit.  Quite a success. 

First post~welcome to my home.

This was my very first attempt at using vinyl.  Our mailbox was rusted and didn't match our new siding and porch.  We were going to get a new mailbox so I saw no harm in "experimenting" with the old one.  So a little bit of spray paint, brown vinyl, Jubilee cart, and VIOLA'.  A new mailbox.