Friday, August 17, 2012

A Stone's Throw....

The florist for my step-daughter's wedding, Connie Clark, made a suggestion that instead of table numbers we made table names that reflected romance.  Her suggestion was to use little paper pieces that were distressed.  We thought the idea was great....but we had to put our own spin on it.  We went to the creek behind our house and went "wading for rocks." 

Of course they didn't look like this when we fished them out but a little detergent and scrub brush and VIOLA' - a palette for an idea.

I used vinyl on my Cricut to make a stencil, similar to if you were going to etch.  Put it on the rock as smooth as possible (it was almost IMpossible) and I used a silver Deco-Color calligraphy pen and swooped and swirled and slowly filled in the stencil.

All of these designs came from Cricut cartridges.

Following our "garden of eden" theme we used punched tags and hung skeleton keys
....Love is the Key to Happiness....
onto a cork board frame and everyone found their name then searched for their table.

And this is how they found them.

Even two weeks later.....the centerpieces are forever a beautiful reminder of a wonderful day.

"Believe in the Magic"

Proud Papa and my beautiful step-daughter.

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  1. Stunning and perfect! I love this project. You really made a special time even more special with your project!

    And they turned into lovely keepsakes after the wedding!