Sunday, May 19, 2013

She's a ROCK STAR!


Easy to sew lanyards! 
I purchased lightweight webbing and sewed satin ribbon (Michael's house brand) onto it with threads of hot pink on the spool and black on the bobbin.  I over lapped the ends and sewed them onto a split ring then ran stitching over the ends.  To seal them I used a small lighter and melted the edges.  
I used one yard for each lanyard.  Bought 25 yards off Amazon for less than $10.00 including taxes and shipping.  Ribbon was on 5 yard spools and honestly, I don't remember how much...I just know it was on sale and I had a coupon. 

Using digital software I made the VIP passes then cut and laminated them with the Purple Cow laminator.  LOVE that thing!! Makes me want to laminate everything!!  The clips came from Staples.  A bag of 10 was $2.50! Used a ribbon slot punch at the top to put the clip through.  My split rings were a little too thick to flip  and have the clip attach to it securely.

The letters were purchased through Etsy from Artsy Chaos.  Love her store - too cute!! 

The plan is to put one letter on each table as it's centerpiece.  I'm sure Julie and her friends will have a great time going to each table to see any photos of themselves with her!

Our party is next month....and remember IT'S A SURPRISE!!!