Monday, November 14, 2011

A Win and a Mistake. But still a Win.

I saw how-to for putting designs on candles. Cool, right?  So the instructions were to take tissue paper and put your design on it.  Stamp, free hand drawing, etc.  Cut around the design.  Place it where you want the candle then wrap it with wax paper, holding it tight.  After that, heat up the wax paper over your design and what happens is the wax on the paper melts over the tissue paper and design.  Viola' - you have your personally designed candle. 

So then I thought since that came out so well - I wonder if I used a cutout from some random Cricut leftovers.  I was so excited at the thought that I made a few mistakes.  But I still call it a win because it can be done.  I ran out of candles and didn't get to grab any over the weekend to follow up but I really wanted to share what those mistakes look like.
One more test...with a little more patience.

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